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Your Skiing Skill Level Revealed

When you are skiing, it’s a man or woman against nature, unless you are racing. While you are constantly improving your skills, it is important to know what your exact skill level is because that will determine which slopes you are allowed to ski on. This is a safety issue, so it is not an option because a mistake could cause accidents and injuries.

Check the following descriptions of the three main ski categories before you put on your Almgwand ski jacket and take a ride on the lodge. Make an honest assessment to know which slope you should take.

The Beginner

You are a beginner when you have not yet skied before or if it’s your first time. But the description of “beginner” covers a broad range of skill levels, even up to the confident novice. Some of the skills that a beginner can handle is the snow plow or wedge. This means the skier can turn both ways and stop. You are able to link turns and take on round snowplow turns on the trails that are considered “easy.”

That said, the trails for the beginners are the “Green Circle” trails. They are wide, smoothly groomed and the slope angle is not very sharp. For their gear, the beginners’ skis should not be too long, around the height of the skier’s chin. It should also be soft and flexible so it could turn easily.

The Intermediate Skier

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You are already on the intermediate level if you can ski in a parallel fashion but is able to use the wedge to stop quickly or start on a turn. You can use your poles for timing your turns, but you probably would not be able to carve turns yet.

You can easily handle groomed trails and even a little rough terrain. Moderately try out more challenging trails, only when you feel very confident about it. Steeper trails or icy trails are on the cards, including the “Blue Square” trails, which are some of the most popular on ski resorts.

Your skis would be slightly longer, the height reaching the mouth or nose. They will have a synthetic core and relatively narrow, but you can test the longer, stiffer models if you are on the high intermediate scale.

Expert Skier

The keyword for an expert skier is “control”. You can be considered an expert if you can keep your speed and rhythm in check while navigating the difficult trails. You can adjust the size, width, and length of your turns, and you can take on many different terrains. The trails for the advanced skiers are usually tagged as the “Black Diamond” trails.

The expert can pass through the rugged trails, even those that have trees. One of the qualities of experts is that they are able to navigate the different challenges of the trails because they are able to adjust on the fly. Advanced skiers can manage any type of skis, adjusting to what trail they will take on.

Once you learn which category of a skier you are currently on, you can focus on skiing at the level you can master. Then you can gradually move up to the more exciting levels.

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