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To Land an Interview, a Child Doesn’t Have to Be a Perfect Candidate

As parents, one of your dreams is to see your child becoming self-sufficient. It means they should be able to find a job as soon as they’re older. Before they can land some work, though, they need to accomplish two things first: meet the qualifications and then secure an interview.

Interview Success Rate

There’s no exact formula in calculating a person’s success to secure an interview, but Talent Works has an in-depth analysis. The company looked into more than 6,000 applications submitted by 668 users. The data they provided was interesting. For one, a candidate doesn’t need to meet all the qualifications. They may already receive an interview invitation once they fit at least 50% of the job requirements. Women are in a much better position. The percentage is lower at 40%.

Matching at least half will already increase the likelihood for an interview by 85%. What’s more, the chances for securing a spot can be the same whether a person meets 50% or 90% of the qualifications. It also means that achieving 60% of the requirements doesn’t provide an additional advantage to the candidate.

What Are Employers Looking For?

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The report merely suggested that a person doesn’t have to be a perfect applicant to secure an interview, but then, this step doesn’t guarantee a job. What further enhances the chances is a job offer. But then, what are they looking for? Education still gives people an edge over the others, but it’s not the be all and end all.

For those living in Utah, parents can benefit better by sending their children to a middle school in Salt Lake City that focuses on investigative- or inquiry-based learning and provides an internship program. This combination will provide the kids with the following traits most companies want from a potential employee:

  • Creativity
  • Analytical Skills
  • Persuasion
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Understanding of Their Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Adaptability
  • Time Management
  • Honesty

It can also improve their chances of gaining hard skills that are going to be in demand within the next few years. These include the following: artificial intelligence, cloud computing, video production, UX design, and mobile application development.

As you can see, these are not routine types of work. These are types of jobs that require a lot of brainpower, such as being able to relate concepts or processes. But that’s not all. They need patience, persistence, and vision if an employee wants to bring their company to the forefront.

Talent Works then concluded the report by saying landing a job is still a numbers game. After all, to get at least a 15% chance for an interview, one needs to submit at least 45 applications. To increase that by 10%, they should give 100 resumes.

The good news is that the so-called sweet spot is only half of the requirements. Having as many skills as possible can help a child field themselves to a lot of potential jobs in the future. Most of all, they can boost their confidence, which will help ultimately win the hearts and yeses of the interviewers.