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Standard Expenses of a Divorce

In most cases, couples stay in unhappy or abusive marriages to avoid the possibility of draining their finances with the divorce process. Sometimes, they opt to live in separate bedrooms or separate houses without going through the legal divorce process. These options will nonetheless present various challenges in taxation and sometimes property division if one of you passes away during this period since you will legally be considered a couple.

People postpone a legal divorce as long as possible, believing the costs of a divorce lawyer in London can make them bankrupt. Others assume that divorce is as stress-free as downloading the right forms from the Internet, submitting them, and waiting for a divorce decree. While divorce is not this easy, hiring an attorney is also not as insanely expensive as you might assume. Here are the standard costs of a divorce process:

Attorney Fees

Even couples that choose to file their divorce will need a lawyer at some point to ratify some divorce documents or submit them. It will thus be significantly cheaper to get an attorney to handle your separation from the start. Most law firms will charge an hourly rate for the attorney’s services. The total fees lawyers charged were for a long time the highest expenses in a divorce. Nowadays, this is not the case, thanks to the many law firms competing to attract clients, thus offering low rates. You nonetheless need to remember that the cheapest firm might not provide the best services. Compare the service quality vis-à-vis the price.

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Filing Fees

These encompass the fees paid to the courts for both contested and uncontested divorces. Some couples erroneously assume that these fees are negated in an uncontested divorce. The filing fees will differ based on your state, but they are generally relatively low. They encompass the paperwork, court expenses, and other legal elements of your divorce.

Expert Costs

Several features of your divorce will need an expert’s input. These include child custody assessors, taxation advisors, and property appraisers, among others. The experts that should be hired will largely depend on the details of your case. While you and your spouse might agree on various aspects of your separation, you still need an expert’s advice to ensure that your decisions are the ideal ones based on circumstances. Those who opt for divorce mediation should factor in a mediator’s expenses.

Costs of Notifying the Other Party

The sheriff’s office will need to be paid a specific amount for them to inform your spouse of the divorce. The process is called the serving of your divorce papers. In cases where your partner cannot be located, the sheriff’s office may opt to have a publication of the divorce notice in the local newspapers.

Divorce is not preserved for affluent families. The costs mentioned above are astonishingly affordable for even an average family. Even if the costs are still beyond your financial muscle, you can agree on various payment plans with your attorney. Working with a law firm might not only be an emotionally beneficial alternative for you but will also be a financially beneficial one. The option also ensures that all your decisions are legally binding.

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