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Reputation Management Hacks for Businesses

These days, businesses need to be more careful about their image online. For example, SEO companies in Salt Lake City and other major urban areas focus a lot on ensuring that a brand doesn’t have anything damaging popping up on the Google search. The key to protecting your online reputation is being proactive about it.

Here are some tips on how you can do your best in managing your business’s reputation:

Get Professional Help

The first thing you need to remember about online reputation management is that you don’t know everything and you can’t do everything. Your online reputation is very fragile and you shouldn’t wing it.

Many SEO and PR companies include reputation management in their service packages. You should use that fact to evaluate your current online reputation. Listen to them to learn what you can do to improve your reputation. That’s what you’re paying them for, so you better get your money’s worth.

Build or Update Your Online Presence

Your company should have an online presence. However, you shouldn’t stop there. You must have multiple avenues for interacting with your customers. A company website with the brand name and information about you should be the beginning. You should have a social media presence as well.

Prioritize Reviews

Customer satisfaction survey on mobileOne way to improve your online reputation is to do something about your reviews. You should encourage your customers to post reviews on various online platforms. Positive reviews are a good way to show the world that your business is doing well in terms of providing a good customer experience.

Unfortunately, negative reviews will pop up. This is where having a good customer service team can help. Reach out to those who made negative reviews and try to compensate them or figure out what their problem is. Connecting with negative reviewers can help tip the scales on their opinion of you.

Additionally, the volume of reviews is very important. If you have a lot of positive reviews, then single or isolated negative reviews are not going to affect your reputation much. Aiming for more positive reviews should be one of your primary goals.

Take a Step Back During Bad Press

One day, your company will most likely find itself in some form of bad press. Though it can be tempting to respond with an unthinking reaction, this is definitely what you should not do. Take a step back and consult with a PR team or reputation management experts to formulate a good response. This ensures that your response will not cause any more trouble.

If you really need an immediate response, you can just post something about looking into the situation rather than saying something that is final. Teach this type of response to your employees who have a social media presence to ensure that your company has a single response.

The online face that your business shows to the world can be very fragile. That is why you need to be extra careful when interacting with your customers online. Keep the tips above in mind every time you go online to ensure that your reputation is fully protected.