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Reminders for Truckers: Making America’s Highways Safer

If there are no trucks in American roads, entire industries will crumble and our way of life will fall apart. Trucks play a very important role in America’s consumer-driven economy. Yet, it cannot be denied that many fatal motor vehicle accidents are associated with big rigs. What can be done to reduce the risk of fatal road accidents?

Safety Guidelines for Truck Operators

A trucker should have the prescience to look and plan ahead. Many lives lost can be traced back to a driver who neglected to look properly while changing lines. If there is not enough room, the margin for error is very narrow. A slight miscalculation could lead to carnage on the road. At high-speed driving, a truck operator must look a quarter of a mile ahead, and pay attention to what is going on all sides.

Driver error remains the top cause of accidents involving big rigs. Aside from speeding, lack of proper training and licensing have been associated with road mishaps. Some of the drivers involved in major accidents have been taking illegal drugs or driving under the influence of alcohol. In some instances, overindulgence in energy supplements resulted in poor judgment. Oftentimes, driver fatigue is the root cause of errors. Unfortunately, American highways are fraught with drivers who have been driving for hours without taking a break trying to catch up on delivery quotas.

Equipment Failure

Truck trailer maintenance should always be timely and adequate. Negligence could lead to an accident. It won’t matter that a driver is skilled and fully trained if the equipment is failed. Defective brakes play a huge role in some of the biggest road accidents in history. If the defective breaks are on a speeding semi-truck wearing a few thousand kilograms, there is not much hope that people involved could survive the impact forces. When an 18-wheeler is not fully equipped to handle the rigors of the road ahead, one can expect something to go awry.

Reminders for Other Drivers on the Road

truck driver on the roadAccording to an experienced Los Angeles truck accident lawyer, it is also relevant for other drivers sharing the road with huge trucks to be vigilant. To stay safe while on the road, a car driver should always give trucks plenty of room to maneuver. A turning commercial truck would need a wide berth when turning. To avoid a potential crash, other drivers should keep a respectful distance. Cars driving near or beside a truck for too long are at risk when the truck breaks suddenly. A truck could roll-over in high wind speeds, which makes driving near them risky. In addition, drivers in smaller vehicles should not take an abrupt stop in front of a towering behemoth. Similarly, refrain from parking directly behind one.

Any accident involving speeding vehicles could be fatal. The risk of injury increase for truck drivers, and drivers sharing the road with big rigs. To avoid catastrophic property damage and loss of life, truck operators and other users or roads and highways must be vigilant, observe safety measures, and abide by traffic rules.

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