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Read the Bible: Helping Kids Appreciate the Holy Book

Living with virtue and peace of mind is one of the best things that you can teach your child. When your child learns how to practice empathy, compassion, and most importantly, love, that is the time you can absolutely say that you have done something right as a parent. However, teaching such abstract virtues may prove to be challenging, especially if you yourself do not have a model or a reference. In this regard, you will turn to God to give you guidance and wisdom. And that is something that can happen when you pray and consult the Holy Bible.

If you are an avid Bible reader, you will want to share what you learn with your kids. The Bible has a lot of wise teachings that your kids can apply to their lives. However, kids have a very short attention span, and teaching them to appreciate certain Christian values may provide to be challenging. If you are looking for some ways how to help your kids become appreciative of the Holy Text, here are some of the things you may want to keep in mind:

Go visual

Understandably, some kids do not want to read the Bible, as it is full of blocks of text, and the words can be deep and incomprehensible. They will gain no value or wisdom if they themselves cannot understand the words of the Book. Because kids learn by visual means, you may go for Bible materials that have pictures. There are some publishers that even create the graphic novel version of some Bible stories. These materials will surely pique their interests, thus making learning much easier.

Make it fun with questions

parents reading the bible with their kids

Your kids are very curious and you can leverage on this quality if you want to make learning the Bible much easier. When they ask questions, do not be afraid to answer. Just answer even the weirdest of their questions. Or you may want to turn things around. For one, both of you can read Bible stories, and then start a pop quiz. When they get almost all answers right, you can give your kid a reward.

Pick a good school for them

While you teach your kids the value of Bible reading at home, you may want them to stay consistent even if they are at school. In this regard, you should pick a school with Christian values. This should not be a problem, as there are many Christian-based schools out there. For one, you can have started the elementary school application of your kid at Gilbert, AZ.

Make it a habit

Habits stick around, and if you want your kids to stick to bible-reading, you should make it more frequent. Encourage them to read a verse or two before they sleep and after they wake up. You can encourage them to listen to podcasts during their free time.

Teaching the knowledge and wisdom within the Holy Bible is one of the best things that you can do as a parent. You know too well that the word of God always encourages everyone to love and be compassionate for others. When your kids learn these values by heart, you have confidence that they will grow good individuals.

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