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Raising an Author: Ways to Get Your Child to Love Writing

One of the first things being taught to your child in school is learning how to write eligibly. Later on, your child would start constructing sentences, then paragraphs, essays, and even perhaps a thesis. The point here is that writing is integral to your child’s education. Not only that, but writing is also an important form of communication that your child would have to master when communicating with his peers and would have to use during their professional life later on.

So it’s a good idea to let your child love writing and sharpen their skills early on. As such, here are ways for you to encourage your child to get into writing:

Story Time

Reading to and with your child is one of the foundations in writing and improves a child’s imagination and logical skills. So invest in children’s books that are entertaining and informative that you can read before naptime. The love for books and stories would, later on, help your child encourage writing stories of their own and with better grammar and vocabulary.

Use Writing Worksheets

Creative writing worksheets range from letter or word tracing to fill-in-the-blanks activities that help your child improve their writing, logic, and imagination. Some of these worksheets even allow your child to create their own stories which they can “publish” as books to be display and proud of, encouraging them to write more. These types of worksheets make learning how to write and create stories more enjoyable and feel less like an assignment or test of their skills and knowledge.

Write Letters

A fun way to encourage your child to write is to let them write letters for their friends, family, or even teachers. Today, with the advent of text messaging, chat, and email, writing letters is seen as a lost art. But encouraging your child to write letters not only introduces a classic medium of communication but is a way for your child to build stronger and deeper bonds with family members and friends through heartfelt handwritten letters.

Journals and Diaries

Another way for you to encourage writing is to give your child a journal or diary to write in. You can tell your child to write in their dreams, feelings, highlights of their day, or even conversations with their imaginary friend. A journal won’t only help your child develop the love of writing, but also allows them to be more self-aware and give them the means to express thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

Praise Their Work

Perhaps the most important of all is that you show interest in your child’s writings. Show how much you enjoy and appreciate the stories they write, or even when they’re just constructing their first sentences. You can also encourage your child more by providing incentives such as giving them cookies or extra play time when they’re able to finish a creative writing worksheet or a writing activity.


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They say that education is one of the best gifts that you can give to your child, and writing is an integral part of your child’s education. So it’s important for you to introduce your child to write early on and give them the extra edge in school and improve their written communication skills. Who knows, you might even be training the next best selling author?

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