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Identifying the Ideal Ways to Incentivize Employees

The performance of employees may make or break a company. Their level of motivation and morale has either a positive or negative effect on the organization. It is important to keep them engaged, one such way to do so is to create an effective incentive program.

Managers and experts cite the following ways to build a top-notch incentive structure.

Flexible Work Day

Some employees like a structured workday, while others desire a bit more flexibility. In some cases, too much structure is a roadblock to creativity.

People are unable to think outside the box and have a difficult time solving a problem creatively. To stimulate employees, set tasks they need to accomplish within a determined time and provide them with latitude on how to do it.

This performance-based approach encourages your team to work efficiently and focus on results. They can get the job done faster and move on to other tasks sooner within the required working hours.

Reward Ideas

A company will go places if it has plenty of actionable ideas. Create a creative environment by incentivizing concepts that are beneficial to the company. Provide everyone in the team an opportunity to speak their mind and make their case.

Give plenty of leeway during discussions, no matter how novel the idea is. This open forum allows free-flowing conversation and back and forth that may lead to a solution.

Provide rewards for team members who deliver the best ideas that are actionable. Once you determine these, go into the details of the idea and start the implementation process.

Working Up a Sweat

Monotony can kill morale and negatively affect performance. One way to spice things up is to have a gym near the office or offer classes such as yoga, Muay Thai and other similar programs. Exercise allows your team to sweat off stress and maybe help them think clearly for the tasks of the day.

Physical activities release hormones that make a person feel good and prepared to face the day’s problems. Offering classes such as those mentioned earlier also provides a unique way for your employees to learn about each other and create a deep working relationship.

Time Off for Creativity

Incentive trips for employees allow them to detach themselves from the situation and get a different perspective. A new country or city stimulates the mind and opens up thought pathways that were not there before.

Provide paid time off based on performance; some companies go to the extreme end of offering unlimited holidays. You can also organize volunteer work for those interested. Some prefer to help others during their time off.

Rules to Follow

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Incentives are important to keeping employees engaged and happy; however, you need to structure them carefully. Managers cite the following rules to implement:

    • Reward behavior and not just outcomes. You want the right attitude at the workplace; cultivating these improves organization culture.
    • Mix intrinsic and extrinsic motivational rewards.
    • Avoid promising rewards ahead.
    • When you incentivize, make it a continuous thing and not just once.

Incentives keep employees engaged and performing at a high level. Create a structure that benefits both the company and the team.