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How to Organise Montessori Learning Materials

Many early childhood development centres, preschools and kindergarten schools in the country now follow the Montessori method of learning. The Montessori way is centred on self-directed activities, collaborative play and hands-on learning. Here, children are allowed to make creative choices with the guidance of their teachers and given age-appropriate activities to explore.

This system, which is well applauded in many countries, has different ‘areas’ of learning that involve an extensive variety of materials. For instance, the primary Montessori classroom will need appropriate school storage tools for everything that the students will use.

Keep in mind in this system of education, the school and teachers provides pre-prepared materials for the students to start exploring and learning on their own. This is why storage solutions are needed to maximise small spaces.

The Montessori Language Materials

Learning the language is made fun, exciting and easy using the following materials:

  • Enrichment vocabulary materials
  • Writing skills development materials, such as sandpaper letters, metal inserts and movable alphabet
  • Total reading schemes, such as phonograms, phonetic objects, phonetic readers and puzzle words
  • Word functions, such as grammar symbols to define parts of speech
  • Reading analysis using sentence analysis materials
  • Word study involving singular and plural forms, compound words, prefixes and suffixes

Shelves Required for Language Materials

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Montessori classrooms are very specific with the measurements of shelves, drawers and other storage boxes. For the language materials alone, there is a need for two shelves that are about 4-feet long, 12-inches deep and 3-feet tall. This measurement will yield three spaces where the materials will be kept when not in use.

These shelves can be purchased or custom-built using pine and cinder blocks. The measurement is appropriate for young children to access so that they can easily get the materials on their own and put it back when they are finished.

Other Storage Solutions to Use in the Montessori Classroom

Although wood is primarily encouraged in Montessori learning, plastic storage drawers are also a great tool for organizing various materials for the language centre. Each storage drawer can accommodate phonetic objects, 3-part cards, and other materials can be labelled to make finding them easier. These drawers also come in different sizes according to the need.

Clear plastic boxes can also be used for organising puzzles and cards. They can be stacked on top of each other to save more space in the classroom. Do not forget to invest in a label maker so that all the boxes and drawers are marked accordingly for easy access.

The Montessori method of learning can be an effective, fun and exciting starter for young children. Schools employing this system of education encourage kids to be involved in organising the learning materials before and after they use them. This is why it is very important to maximise spaces in each classroom and to make it easier for children to access the materials. With the right measurements and storage solutions, schools can create a learning environment that is suited for the success of the kids.

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