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How Rideshare App Passenger Insurance Policy Works?

There are a variety of convenient reasons why most people today patronize carpooling or rideshare applications like Uber and Lyft. Simply book a ride and relax until you reach your destination. But, these transportation services share the road where all kinds of vehicular crashes also happen. While ridesharing apps do have insurance policies, they are often complicated for passengers.

Rideshare services are also involved in car crashes

In the past few years, rideshare apps have established its prominence in the U.S., a Lyft accident lawyer in Los Angeles said. However, these transportation technological advancements don’t spare it from car crashes. Just recently, a male Lyft passenger was killed when the vehicle he was riding was involved in an alleged drunken driving crash.

The victim was reportedly homebound from the airport when he got involved in a three-vehicle crash. The driver responsible for the crash was charged with intoxication manslaughter and assault after he was determined to have consumed several shots of tequila at a bar. On the other hand, the 29-year-old Lyft driver is in serious condition because of the physical injuries he sustained from the crash.

It’s important for victims of a drunken driving crash to immediately get the insurance coverage they need for their immediate expenses. Claiming insurance after getting involved in a car crash is difficult, and it could even become more complicated if you’re a passenger of a rideshare service provider like Lyft.

Lyft’s insurance coverage for passengers is complicated

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Although Lyft has insurance coverage for passengers and its drivers, they knew that the subject could get complicated. Generally, Lyft passengers are covered by “contingent collision coverage,” “contingent comprehensive coverage,” and “uninsured motorist (UM) or underinsured motorist (UIM).” While Lyft has a $1,000,000 policy limit for every accident but it didn’t mention how much will go to its injured passenger or driver. Lyft passenger insurance policy will take effect if the “driver mode” is activated, meaning, Lyft may not cover an injured passenger if “driver mode” is deactivated.

Lyft insurance policy, unfortunately, has limitations as well depending on the state where the accident happens. It even gets complicated when intoxicated drivers are involved in crashes, whether they have sufficient insurance policy to cover for the crash they caused. In the recent fatal drunken driving crash involving a Lyft vehicle, Lyft only said that they’re already working with investigators and have reached out to affected families.

Ridesharing services have made transportation more convenient to most people today. However, keep in mind that these services are also prone to crashes like any other vehicles on the road. Families, especially dependents of rideshare crash victims should get future remunerations they need aside from the medical assistance they need, according to the Lyft accident lawyers in Los Angeles. Lyft may have an insurance policy to cover injured passengers, but filing for a claim is often complicated. Aside from understanding Lyft’s insurance policy, enlisting a skilled personal injury lawyer is another way for crash victims to get the appropriate remunerations they need for recovery.

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