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Current Learning System Weak Spots Covered by Right Brain Training

Learning is one of the key aspects of cognitive development. During our childhood, we were brought up to believe that as long as we studied, we would eventually gain success in life. What most people don’t realize, though, is that the act of learning isn’t all books and lectures. Our brain has two sides: the left and the right. The left side is for logic and reason, while the right side is more for creativity and imagination. We’ve been taught to think that in order to be considered smart, we only need to develop our memory of facts as well as reasoning skills. However, that’s where most people are wrong. We should also keep the right side of our brains sharp to cover for these weaknesses:

Lack of Creativity

Creativity isn’t something that just flows into your brain from nowhere. Many times, it comes from actively thinking or, in layman’s terms, using your imagination. Admit it, the logical side of your brain isn’t exactly the best choice for it. Developing your right brain, however, encourages the use of imagination and exercising creativity. Not only is it used for the arts, but it’s also a large part of effective problem solving. Young minds may not be able to comprehend it now, but activities as simple as drawing and coloring are great exercises for them. Regular art sessions with items such as stamp sets and coloring materials can contribute to further development.

Not Enough Exercise

When people mention learning, the situations that usually come to mind are staying put in a classroom, reading books, listening to the teacher, and taking tests. However, it can involve more physical tasks as well, such as playing. This activity develops mind-body coordination as well as the ability to make decisions on the fly. Training your brain to make choices makes you more efficient during situations that require you to think fast and in a decisive manner. Also, it’s a healthy regimen that will keep you in shape and gives you a chance to become a team player. In life, you’d be faced with challenges that you can’t deal with alone and will require assistance from others, especially at work.

Low Capacity for Information

Learning calls for the digestion of information, absorbing it into your brain, just like saving information into a computer or disk drive. Our brain itself can be considered a computer, except for the fact that its capacity can be enhanced through training, discipline, and exercising both halves of it. Being able to retain what you’ve learned plays a major role in development in the early stages and even through adulthood.

Loss in Interest

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With our current system of education, learning has now become a bore and a chore and favors those who can focus on facts and other information. Children can’t bear that, especially when they’re young. Treating it like a game is great, especially for the kids, as it makes it fun and interesting for them. The concept is something that will definitely encourage them to do things without thinking of it as a chore. Moreover, your kids can use a little fun activity that doesn’t involve gadgets or video games.

Aside from these, training the right brain can also let one relax and ease stress. If you’ve noticed when you’re playing or doing something fun, everything seems easier to understand. If you’re lucky enough to be a visual learner, then you only mostly need to observe. Remember that learning goes beyond the classroom and throughout life, and that experience will teach us much more than we know.

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