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Commonly Asked Questions When Starting a Small Brewery

If you’re someone who likes to spend every Friday night drinking beers with their friends, then you must know your beer well. So, if you have a real passion and love for beer, then why not start a business out of it?

There are at least 4,000 small breweries across the country. So, if you want to get ahead of your competitors, you need to learn how to play your cards well. To help you gain an advantage, here are a few common questions about starting your craft brewery.

Do I have what it takes to start my brewery?

Going into the beer industry is not easy. You need to assess yourself before pursuing this type of business venture. Ask yourself how much you love beer, and if you have the passion and dedication to start your business.

Remember that there’s a lot more to it than just looking to buy galaxy hops. You need to have enough workforce to maintain the facility and even manage the inventory and sales. Also, expect that you’ll be working all week long, especially if you’re starting.

How much budget should I need?

One of the first things that you need to consider when starting your own craft brewery company is the brewing equipment. You can buy one with the smallest quality for $100,000 or less if you buy a used one.

Meanwhile, if you the budget for it, then you can purchase one for as much as $1 million for a 30-barrel system. Aside from barrels, you also need to purchase a few crucial pieces of equipment such as kegs, boilers, bottling cans, and conveyors. You should also invest in refrigeration equipment and waste treatment systems, too.

Do I have the right training?


You can’t just magically brew a beer out of thin air. You need to undergo a lot of training to become a brewer. Experts highly suggest spending some time to work in a brewery before starting your business.

Doing so will give you an insight into how the entire production works. There are also formal training programs available for people interested in a brewery, too. You need to find the one that’ll work for you.

Do I have the right business plan?

You need to set up a realistic business plan to ensure the success of your business. Even if you have a capital saved up, your business won’t succeed without a business plan.

So, before you meet with your consultant, you need to know the startup costs and your projected income. You should also understand the equipment that you need or your level of passion for starting up a business.

Starting a brewery business is not a walk in the park. Aside from getting the money to fund your business, you need to understand the basics of it, too. It’s best to get a piece of advice from experts to help you get the right information that you need.

You also need to learn how to create a financial forecast so you can make smart decisions as you go.

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