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Best Personalized Laser Engraved Product Ideas

These days, people want to express themselves through personalized products, with more emphasis on having your imprint on all your stuff and fulfill the natural yearning for uniqueness.

With the laser cutter, the etcher can now engrave any design on almost any surface or material. These items can be used as giveaways for weddings or baptisms, and even birthdays and baby showers. The personal touch makes a big difference and makes the gift more valuable than more expensive jewelry or other valuable items.

Personalized Utility Knives and Cutlery

As the laser cutter can now be used on both metal and wood, there are engraved blades and utility knives these days. You can have the option of engraving on the handles, which can be made of wood, plastic, and even bamboo or marble.

Personalizing your pocket knives is practical. Certain establishments prohibit you from bringing them inside and you may need to leave them at the entrance. Having your name engraved would make it easier to distinguish.

Laser Engraved Wine Glass

This is simply the height of caprice and class. There are intricate designs to give it a classy feel. It is used with rotary laser devices that can cut through the curve of the glass and through cylindrical objects. A crystal wine glass with engraving emotes a luxurious feel, and it’s always special when it’s personalized.

Wood Rolling Pin

If you want a laser engraved kitchen item that actually has a function, you can try the wood rolling pin. This is very useful if you need to bake multiple trays of cookies either for an order or for a holiday. You can have so many designs for any occasion—it could have a Christmas theme, Halloween, Easter or you could have it specially engraved for a particular event.

Dog Collar

The usual contraption is to have a dangling, aptly-named dog tag attached to the collar of your furry friend, like a pendant to a necklace. This can actually cause discomfort to the dog, but he or she would not be able to complain.

In this design, the dog’s relevant information would be engraved directly into the collar itself. The name and the address or a mobile number would easily fit in a standard buckle wherein the collar strap would be locked in. This also gives your pet a minimal, classy look.

Laser Cut Acrylic Laptop Stand

This is where you can use some creativity and create a customized item that offers genuine convenience. An acrylic laptop stand can be made with your own specifications in mind. There are some who made the laptop stand into an adjustable device, which they can use on the table or on the bed. There are no limits on the design, as long as you have the materials.

The laptop stand is a home application, but they also use the laser cutter for acrylic display stands. Customizing the height and design of your display stand can help boost the sales rather than using the manufactured acrylic stands on the market.

Wedding Invitation

laser engraving

When it comes to personalized items, a wedding fits the bill. You can start with the invitations. Laser cut invitations can be used on cardboard or wooden plank. You can also use laser cut paper, but experts would warn that paper can catch fire when treated by laser.

With the development of laser cutters, the precision of laser cutting is now accessible since it is now cheaper and easy to use. Now, the only limits to your design are your own artistry and creativity.

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