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A Progressive Take on Divorce

Divorce is a hard topic to discuss with an audience composed of conservatives and liberals; religious and non-religious; traditional and progressive, etc. There will always be two sides: one that is for it and one that is against it. Both have their reasons for choosing their sides, but this article will discuss why divorce is a good thing.

Divorce attorneys would say the same, not just because of the pay that they’ll receive but because of the stories they’ve heard. Divorce attorneys are everywhere, from Santa Fe to Upstate New York. So if you’re looking for one, don’t worry, you won’t have a hard time. Without further ado, here’s a list of why we think divorce is good:

1. It saves a lot of people from abusive marriages.

The sad truth is that an abusive partner isn’t an uncommon story in our world. In fact, national statistics show that almost 20 people per minute in the United States are physically harmed by their significant other. This stat would equate to more than 10 million individuals in a year, both men in women.

Furthermore, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men have been severely physically abused by their intimate partners whether sexually or violently. When you think about it, one out of your four gal pals may be silently crying herself to sleep at night, as well as one out of your nine bros. Divorcing the abuser can help the victim heal and be free from the legal obligations that are tying them together.

2. It saves children from trauma

The effect of unhealthy relationships is not limited to the ones involved in the relationship. It also extends to the significant people in the lives of the couple.

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Children can be directly impacted by the toxic behavior displayed by their parents who are not getting along. In physically abusive scenarios, children are also caught between the crossfire of violence erupting from disagreements and just plain drunken episodes.

Adults who have psychological issues or just a plain distrust towards others are usually the ones with traumatic childhoods. Even the mania that drives psychopaths is usually attributed to the trauma that parents have caused them as children.

In cases wherein the couple healthily decides to get a divorce because they just acknowledge that their relationship is no longer working out and its best for them to meet with other people, the kids get to keep both their parents instead of housing them with an unhappy couple.

3. It saves your relationship with your child

When you’re so caught up in trying to fix your marriage or even just trying to avoid all the jabs that your abusive partner throws, you realize that you have not been paying much attention to your child.

This lack of attention can stifle the growth of any kind of relationship that you may potentially have with them. It not only means that you lose your connection with them but also likely cause psychological repercussions that are caused by either negligence or absence.

Divorce may be a lot of things to different people, but we cannot deny the good that it also brings to our lives.

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