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3 Tips for Maximizing Brand Value In 2019

Every business wants a lucrative sales opportunity in today’s competitive market. Standing out in a sea of competitors is quite intimidating. Your business should emphasize its unique value rather than maintaining the status quo.

Here are some tips on how to best maximize sales value in 2019. But before divingin into the hacks, let’s examine the four stages of successful selling.


So, you have a new product to introduce to the market. Start by investigating who might be interested in it. Define the audience that your sales team will be targeting.

Introduction/establishing rapport

This is a sales approach method where you ask your target consumers some warm-up questions. Engage in small talk and explain what your company does.


At this point, you already have engaged with the leads and struck a deal. Prepare a sales plan that presents your products and services as solutions to your prospect’s problems. Make potential clients understand your value-based approach. Then you can successfully close the sale.


It is imperative that you assure clients of satisfaction. You want to retain old ones while also gaining new ones. Call them and ask whether your service or product is meeting their expectations. With the right relationship skills, it becomes easier to generate leads and strike more deals.
Your company should adopt a sales program that aims to improve your value-based selling. One such program is account management training in the UK. This strategic training offers support to technical account managers. They will be given the account management tools needed to proactively improve customer loyalty.

How to Sell Value Instead Of Price

Discounts, offers and sales pitches dominate today’s B2B market. You don’t need to use the same tactics to outmatch your competitors. Your success depends on the value your product adds to the consumer. This is where value-based selling comes in. How can you make your product or service irresistible?

1. Effective sales coaching

Workers with a good relationship with the sales manager are more likely to stick to a company. That’s why sales managers need to develop the team behind them. Do your sales representatives get serious sales coaching?

Have you considered partnering with a company that offers account management training in the UK? This opportunity can mould your sales representatives through value-based selling.

2. Watch the industry leaders

No matter where your company stands in the industry, it is good to keep an eye on the competitors. Watching the industry leaders offers valuable insight. It also gives your business an edge.

The whole point is to differentiate your brand no matter how flooded the market is. Otherwise, you might fall into the trap of being stereotyped.

3. Educate. Ditch the sales pitch

To sell value, you need to transition from a salesperson to an educator. That way you can build trust so that prospects can see your business as a solution to their issues. Let them experience your knowledge first. Only then will they spend their money on what you are offering.

Value based-selling: What’s your client’s deepest desires or fears?

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How does your product help your target audience? Does it boost productivity at work? Does it respond to their pressing queries? How is it different from the competitors’?

Attempt to answer the above questions to show how prospective customers can improve their lives or businesses. Aim for their hearts and mind, not their pockets. That is how to sell value.